Gator Tri-Fold Pro Tonneau Cover

The Gator Tri-Fold Pro is a soft folding tonneau cover that installs in just a few minutes. Anyone in the family will be able to use this cover.
Limited Lifetime
Snow/Rain Load
Price: $329.29 Discover More

Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

The Gator Tri-Fold is the TCW Staff Recommended Trifold Tonneau Cover and Comes Completely assembled for an easy installation
10Year Warranty
Price: $269.00 Discover More

Gator FX3 Tonneau Cover

An awesome hard folding cover and an ever better price! The Gator FX3 is a staff favorite for a solid folding cover and its easy to install.
2Year Warranty
Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer
300 lbs
Price: $858.00 Discover More

GatorTrax MX Tonneau Cover

Everything you love about the GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Cover now in a Matte Black Finish
Limited Lifetime
Price: $1,755.84 Discover More

GatorTrax Tonneau Cover

The GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Cover operates smoothly and provides excellent security. This cover is easy to install and has a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
Limited Lifetime
Price: $1,247.04 Discover More

Gator FX Tonneau Cover

The Gator FX is built to last. It's made of aluminum panels, has a 300lb weight capacity, and comes in at an easy price.
2Year Warranty
300 lbs
Price: $799.00 Discover More

GatorTrax Electric Tonneau Cover

The GatorTrax Electric provides simple operation of the cover using a keyfob. An LED Light Illuminates the bed and the cover glides with sealed ball bearings that require no maintenance and do not freeze.
Limited Lifetime
Price: $1,915.20 Discover More

Gator SR2 Tonneau Cover

The SR2 has all of the upgraded components of one of the best Roll Up Covers on the market.
5Year Warranty
Price: $379.00 Discover More

GatorTrax MX Electric Tonneau Cover

The Gatortrax MX Electric comes with a keyfob which lets you stop the cover at any point along the rails. This cover also operates with sealed ball bearings that requires no maintenance and are resistant to dust dirt and snow.
Limited Lifetime
Snow/Rain Load
Price: $2,495.04 Discover More

Gator Hybrid Tonneau Cover

The Gator Hybrid Tonneau Cover is a folding tonneau cover with a soft tonneau feel and the security of a hard tonneau cover.
Limited Lifetime
Price: $649.00 Discover More

BEDRUG Full Bedliner (Spray-On Kit)

BEDRUG gives the truck bed a comfortable, soft, non skid surface that makes it more friendly for cargo and daily use that covers the entirety of the bed. BEDRUG is made with polypropylene so it does not retain water, stain resistant, and is easy to clean.
Limited Lifetime
Price: $418.99 Discover More

DECKED Storage System

Storing and accessing your stuff needs to be easy. The DECKED Storage System raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely, out of the way, and out of the weather while having full use of the rest of your truck bed.
Price: $1,249.99 Discover More